Link To Us

Get 50 Free messages just by linking to us on your website or blog!

Lots of folks ask if they can link to our website. The obvious answer is - Yes... absolutely!

In fact, here's some HTML code that you can simply copy and paste on your website to link to Call Loop. We recommend pasting this on a page or on the sidebar of your blog. It's the blog world it's called a "blog roll."

Linking to us is a good idea and a simple process! First add the link to your site. Then, once it's live on your website, please send us a support ticket here and let us know where the link is.

1. In the email subject line: " Link"
2. In the email please provide the URL where the link is located on your website.

Once we verify that your link is coming from a PR2 or greater website, you'll receive your 50 credits to your account.

If you don't have a Call Loop account yet, please go ahead and sign up now so we can add the messages to your account once it's verified. Thanks!